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Discipline includes the observance of good conduct and orderly behaviour by the students of the college. The following such other rules as framed by the College shall be strictly adhered to by the students of KBWC:

    1. Every student of KBWC shall maintain discipline and consider it her duty to behave decently at all places.
    2. No student shall visit places or areas declared by the College as “Out of Bounds” for the students.
    3. Every student shall always carry her Identity Card issued by the authority. Every student, who has been issued the Identity Card shall have to produce or surrender the Identity Card, as and when required by Teaching and Library Staff and the Officials of the College.

Breach of Discipline, inter-alia, shall Include:

    1. Smoking, Using Mobile Phones or carrying eatables are not allowed inside the laboratories/ classrooms/ library. Students shall maintain professional decorum and consider it their duty to behave decently at all times and places.
    2. Irregularity in attendance, persistent idleness or negligence or indifference towards the work assigned should be avoided;
    3. Causing disturbance in the classroom, office, library, auditorium, playground etc will not be permissible;
    4. Disobeying the instructions of teachers or the authorities shall not be acceptable;
    5. Misconduct or misbehaviour of any nature at the time of elections to the student bodies or at meetings or during curricular or extra-curricular activities of the college will not be allowed;
    6. Misconduct or misbehaviour of any nature at the Examination Hall shall not be tolerated;
    7. Misconduct or misbehaviour of any nature towards a teacher or any employee of the College or any visitor shall not be tolerated;
    8. Causing damage to, spoiling or disfiguring the property/ equipment of the College will be regarded as a mark of disrespect;
    9. Inciting others to do any of the aforesaid acts will be regarded as a disrespect to the institution;
    10. Giving publicity to misleading accounts or rumours amongst the students will be brought to book by the authorities;
    11. Mischief, misbehaviour and/or nuisance committed by the residents of the hostels shall be dealt strict action;
    12. Any other conduct anywhere, which is considered to be unbecoming of a student. Students found guilty of breach of discipline shall be liable to such punishment, as FINE, CAMPUS BAN, EXPULSION, OR RUSTICATION.

Note: In order to maintain peace and to ensure academic stability in the Campus, the character antecedents of all applicants shall be duly scrutinized by the concerned Departments of the College and the department reserves the right to deny applicants with tainted record of indiscipline, admission(s) on the rolls of the College

Dress Code

The students will have to wear decent Dress Code as prescribed by the management.

Entry and Exit for non Hostellers

  • Entry Time: 8.30am – 9.30am
  • Exit Time: 4.30pm – 5.00pm
  • No Entry & Exit will be allowed in between 9.30am-4.30pm


Students will have to maintain a minimum of 80% attendance by the Day Scholars & 90% by the Hostellers.

Who is the authorized Guardian and who can meet the students?

Only parents, siblings and own uncle if authorized by parents can visit the college and with prior appointment can meet their candidate in scheduled time frame notified by the management time to time.

Hostel's Code of Conduct

The main idea behind giving hostel facility is to provide safe, furnished, and comfortable accommodation with good surroundings to our students so that we may provide parental care and supervise their well-being in a homely, lively and healthy atmosphere congenial for their academic achievements. Staying in a hostel in a strict yet lively atmosphere will help them to inculcate self-discipline, healthy habits, exemplary character, high values and confidence in the youngsters.

The hostel management will be monitored by residential faculty of the college a separate rule is framed for hostel students which must be strictly followed by every student.