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Our Vision

If we educate a male; we educate an individual, but if we educate a female; we educate a generation.

“Our vision is of a world where all girls are empowered through quality education to realize their full potentialities & responsibilities, so that they can contribute to become a successful family manager & in the process make the society a better place to live in through participatory teaching learning process maintaining community and religious culture”.

The famous quote highlights the basic idea behind putting forward the benefits of educating a woman. Women are like the nervous system of the family that is why educating women also helps in raising socio-economic status of the family. Hence education of women should be given due importance. Keeping in view the different criteria which are essential for the overall growth and development of women, this initiative of setting up an out and out women’s college was undertaken to promote for education of women.

Being the largest democracy in the world, all the important affairs of the country, demands for equal participation and involvement of all the people , so how can the role of women  be negated in this arena? Hence their proper respect should be reflected by breaking patriarchal attitudes giving them proper care, respect and education. Our very own Prime Minister has implemented schemes and programmes like “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”.